Shipment and orders processing

Shipment of anime fans products:

Dear customers, Anime fans store is based on two main categories of products, the print on demand and the supplier direct products.
From our experience and due that we support different countries and our supplier are located in different locations, the product that you can purchase from our store can have different process/shipment time.
In general, the print on demand product are the ones which take less time to arrive at your door(usually between 8 - 12 day). The other product delivered by our supplier can from 15 days to 35 days, which is sometimes long but it's the best hero outfit or the best anime fan product you can get on the market.
Every day we are working on this critical point since we want you to get your product so fast.




How to know the delivery day

Within every product, our team add the expected days for the shipment and specify always the maximum day that you can wait until you get your package.

Tracking product

All the product that anime fans propose will be supported with ePacket, which allows you to follow the progress of the package and where it's at the moment.